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Survey shows vape could save lives

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Since the introduction of the vape into the global market, the results have been more than sufficient to show its effectiveness in relation to smoking cessation. It is not yet a technological miracle for lack of scientific evidence but what can be said is that the electronic cigarette is a weapon of mass destruction against carcinogenic smoke found in cigarettes, and that the use of material is the best substitute for weaning tobacco. To increase its notoriety towards medical unanimity, a new survey of the University of Michigan in the United States affirmed the salvating potential of the ecig saving 3.3 million years of human lives by 2070.

Nicotine and Tobacco Research is a tobacco research institution, at the University of Michigan, led by Professor Kenneth E Warner and Professor David Mendes. They recently conducted a special survey on the devastating effects of smoking and the different situations relating to the use of the electronic cigarette. The survey is based on a time extrapolation that compares the likely effects (because it is a simulation) of a massive use of e-cigs compared to the real cigarette. The result is more than striking because the two researchers have explained that the alternative to tobacco could save more than 3 million years of lives in 50 years. This is a palpable truth when we look at the rate of current tobacco consumption and its evolution, yet it does not provide a counter-truth that can not be denied, which is that of the “harmful potentiality” of vaping. long-term.

Background and objectives of the research

As a simulation survey, the estimated results are analytical and without insurance. However, the objective of the research is not to note the supremacy of the electronic cigarette because the substance and philosophy applied to the latter is even turned away from the effects of vaping or substances that constitute it. What has been retained are the figures, which are revealing and truthful about the long-term effects of tobacco, and the basis of the research was based on statistics taking into account the stages of addiction of smokers. tobacco use, initiation of young people, effects on public health. The e-cigarette option, which may or may not be dangerous, has only been used to exploit possible avenues that would alleviate the blinding figures of reality, which currently cite more than 500,000 deaths a year because of cigarettes.

E-cig, ally current, future enemy?

This is the fundamental question that the curious are eager to ask. It must be recognized that studies of this magnitude carry the debate around other entities such as fighters and protectors of the vape. It can stretch the scales on both sides and of enormous weight. On this subject, Professor Kenneth E Warner has been more than sharp in evoking an unknown terrain. According to him, the main problem today (and also during this century) will remain the natural cigarette, and all that matters to him (through this simulation) is to note the effects of potential lightening of the application of the electronic cigarette. He says that “in the meantime, we have a crisis to manage” talking about 500,000 deaths / years, which suggests that with or without an electronic cigarette, quitting smoking is the only way to preserve your health (addressing smokers). He goes on to say that “we have to work with the best evidence available” by mentioning the most effective tobacco alternative of the moment that is the vape. It is from this point that the survey took into account the figures relating to its exploitation while keeping the risks in mind, and the results were not disappointing because, to use the electronic cigarette as a better substitute for tobacco can save more than 3.3 million years of life (taking into account current evidence).

The vape, the only solution of the moment

As Professor Warner has stated, there is no indication that the e-cigarette will not turn around in the near future. He even commented on this probability using all the good sense possible and evokes the comparison with the cigarette in his time. Indeed, he does not hide his face by saying that “we are lucky to know the risks of smoking through decades of epidemiological research,” and insinuates the program expected parallel before completely identify the area of ​​vaping and its vapors. effects.
However, it is not the time to predict or speculate on possible unknown risks, because until proven otherwise, the vape remains healthier than cigarette smoke. This is unshakeable since in 15 years of practice, no death has been linked to the effect of vaping (except for accidents such as explosions or fires). It is obvious that the inhalation of the vapors produced by the aerosols is not devoid of toxins, but at very low risks, yet the action of passing from the fumette to the vapotage remains the only solution able to reduce as much as possible the fatality of cigarette.

The risks are less harmful

For Professor Mendes, pragmatism is just as important in this research because the fatality ratio is very deep between cigarette and e-cigs. He reiterates the possible problems related to the vape such as smoking initiation or the toxins that e-liquids can harbor. It is true that the nicotine content of liquids can cause young people to smoke, however this is a negligible fact considering its effects on those who are already smokers. Specifically, vaping is an alternative to tobacco, it can be described as “dangerous to health”, but its action can also limit the damage of tobacco because it encourages people to quit smoking, which means: less sick and especially less dead. The message is clear about this survey which does not address the technical properties or the chemical attributes of the substances. Researchers are playing the card of the prominence of the cigarette in relation to the e-cig in terms of fatality and inserts the latter as a means of alleviating the situation in the coming years.

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