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Vapoter avoids passive smoking, think about your loved ones!

Laws and Regulations

The risk carried by cigarette smoke is no longer to be analyzed. Holder of more than 4000 chemical substances, the carcinogenic toxins of this fatal stem is of the order of 60 substances per stem. This risk can go from one pulmonary system to another without even being voluntary, this is called passive smoking. The fight against this scourge has an international dimension and includes all the world’s health institutions and organizations (WHO and Co.). The laws imposed by the States are more than severe concerning passive smoking, however this does not prevent individuals from smoking at home or in approved places, which does not spare loved ones and those around the potential risk. The only solution is the alternative to smoke that is the vape, saving accessory for all smokers but also the general population because of its healthier properties.

Passive smoking is the same story but worse.

After more than 50 years of democratization of the cigarette, the medical institutions realized the harmful and devastating effects of this product. Is it the price of a technological latency or an inability to manage the consumer society? What is certain is that the problem is treated with great seriousness these days, yet the results are no less distressing. Smoking is more than 500,000 deaths per year, and this applies to both active and passive smokers, with a ratio of 70 per cent adults to 30 per cent children. It is in this perspective of innocence that the nicotine stalkers must look around them, knowing that there are other healthier solutions to quell their dependence.

In reality, smoking is a legitimate gesture, because although the law tries to narrow the scope of the sessions of smokers, it opposes its total ban. However, if the extent of the restrictions could also reach the smoker’s conventional comfort zones (including at home or in his car) things would be considered in another way. Unfortunately, the prohibition regimes are limited to just public, unventilated localities.

The consequences are no less severe, because if the primary smoke carries more toxic substance, that which is inhaled by the non-volunteers is just as dangerous. The FTA or Smoke of Ambient Tobacco, breathed by passive smokers, conceals the same dose of nicotine that can make the innocent dependent without them realizing it. We find young smokers aged 11 to 12, victims of the smoking of parents in the familiar room.
In addition, this second-hand smoke contracts another form of harmfulness that is not supported by the first puff. Also, the rate of carbon monoxide is three times higher in this pre-inhaled smoke, its benzene content is 7 times higher and its ammonia is 100 times higher … due to the ambient temperature of the smoke. In a simpler way, one could say that breathing the air of a smoker is almost as dangerous as turning on one, it is a crime that the first officials seek to blur, however.

The electronic cigarette, against cigarettes and FTA

Since the launch of the electronic cigarette in the global market, more than 80% of smokers who tested the product have separated from cigarettes. This statistic seems sufficient to verify the effectiveness of e-cigs to replace smoked tobacco. On the other hand, switching from cigarette to vape does not directly imply the smoker’s releasing of nicotine addiction because the act imported from the cigarette is just installed in a new device, which is less harmful, which avoids smoke. dangerous, which emanates a nontoxic vapor and an unpolluted air.

Indeed, if e-liquids still bathe the molecules of nicotine, their consequences are less glaring because, compared to smoke, there is no serious risk to public health. Children exposed to vapors can not be victims of a toxic inhalation while the vape itself does not contain any dangerous substances that threaten the life of the user. Otherwise, whether at the health or social level, using an electronic cigarette remains a healthy alternative that can eradicate the threat of tobacco. Basically, the vape has no tobacco smell, does not carry toxic substances, is not carcinogenic and helps smokers quit smoking.

There is no passive vaping

The question of the effect on others obviously deserves a special reflection, because it would be inconvenient to praise the virtues of the ecig without taking a minimum step back, after all, the vaping is only 15 years behind him, and its effects long term are not verifiable at the moment.
Studies have shown, throughout the exploitation of the electronic cigarette, the healthy character of it. It has been approved that harmful chemicals are contained in e-liquids and that the heating of nicotine (by vaporization) is not very healthy for the body. However, these real risks are recorded at less than 5% compared to the cigarette which is at 90%. On the other hand, at the level of the effect of the cloud on the exposed persons, no study has attested the risky character of the e-liquids. Vapoter can then produce an annoyance in terms of its scents and density but has no impact on the health of neighbors. It is for reasons of social convenience that the law has thus banned vaping sessions in public spaces and work desks. Professor Farsalinos Kanstantinos, a fervent defender of the vape, even says that there is no passive vaping, for the simple reason that dangerous known substances are not present in the air, speaking of aldehydes.

However, it is high time for any smoker to turn to the vape, failing to suppress his desires. The electronic tool solution may not be 100% healthy, but it allows neighborhoods and families to avoid the direct risks of 100% cigarette smoke.

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