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Youtube leads a war against the vape?

Laws and Regulations

Is the fight against the electronic cigarette taking a new turn? The recent case of Juul in the United States has taken a serious scale in social networks and brings the debate on the plebiscite of the vape in a global framework. Youtube, a large media platform would even sort to remove the rights to broadcast videos about e-cigs according to rumors. Intox, plot, or simple maneuver of the anti-vape lobby? Here are some answers.

The censored vape on Youtube, the origins of the rumor.

In recent weeks, we hear that the management of Youtube proceeds to the successive censorship of emissions related to the electronic cigarette and its properties (liquid aroma, nicotine e-liquid, CBD, etc.). Information spread at a light speed through social networks, advocating the harmfulness of vaping.

However, the reality is quite different because despite the powder, posts and tests, shows and promotions continue to run smoothly. At the moment, the big names of the vape continue to publish and videos from the Youtube platform are neither deleted nor censored
On the other hand, to deny the fear and the remarks confessed by the American institutions about the harmful potential of vaping would be a mistake for the defenders of the vape. Indeed, a rumor never comes alone but relies on truthful information that is diverted. This is the reason why Youtube was put in the gear of this fuss coming from the declaration of the FDA shouting on the marketing technique of Juul, a vapoteuse a little dangerous for the health and a little too cool for them. young children.

What is the problem with Juul?

Juul is an e-cig in the category of StarterKits, which is very popular with primo vapers for trend reasons. Its success is such that the latter monopolizes more than 50% of sales in the United States. In this wake, the FDA and US institutions are trying to curb the momentum of the product and condemns any exaggerated manipulation of sales platforms, including Youtube, which would abuse advertising.

At the same time, all vaping products that would incite smoking, drugs or any other recreational activity are targeted by this attack, which is legitimate in the background. The FDA has particularly denounced the abusive advertising of e-liquid CBD, or e-liquid cannabidiol, mentioning it as an introduction to cannabis..

Purging videos on Youtube, a misunderstanding.

It’s not a surprise to see detractors surfing such an opportunity but as we might have doubted, Youtube would not venture to follow such a dubious track. What matters is the message sent by the FDA that discredits the way e-cigarettes are traded on social networks. For this purpose, a limitation of contents is to be envisaged concerning the juul tests, the tests CBD Youtube and all that can turn around the recreational products likely to animate the passion of the children.

Moreover, no Youtube account closure was noticed while e-cig Youtube tests and e-liquid CBD tests continue to run on the platform. The e-cig and the e-cig seller have no reason to panic about the future of e-liquids as long as they do not exceed the limitations proposed by public health officials. For now, it is at the level of Juul and Youtube tests on CBD that the devolve fell, it will be necessary to ignore these themes to continue to publish or read tutorials.

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