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A petition against the ban on vaping in Mauritius

Laws and Regulations

The vapoteurs of Mauritius are in expectation after the alarming declarations of the minister of the health Anwar Husnoo on his intention to prohibit the electronic cigarette in the territory. After this decision, which is seriously geared towards execution, the pros and the various associations have gone out of their way to form a bloc and a petition to preserve their right to vape.

Since May 31, the Ministry of Health has reiterated the amendments voted in 2008 regarding the regulation of the electronic cigarette. Vaccination, considered dangerous for health by the WHO, has impacted the decision of Public Health to prohibit the sale of the vaping machine in Mauritius. Vapoter thus remains legal, however the importation and the sale are formally prohibited.

What is doubtful is the sudden stance of the Ministry of Health, which seems to awaken the text to extend its execution to prohibition. If the WHO insists on the presence of carcinogenic substance (formaldehyde and company) in the e-liquid and the vapoteuses, the responsible institutions leave no chance to the counter-expertises which largely proved the opposite (the studies of Dr K Farsalinos on the harmfulness of formaldehyde).

In the end, the closest interpretation comes from the action of an anti-vape lobby that tries to gain ground by supporting the statements of the WHO. In the event that this ban on vaping is effective, the regulation of vaping in Mauritius will prevent any e-liquid vaping and weaning activity, which is a big loss given the effectiveness of the accessory, which is less dangerous than tobacco, cheaper than tobacco, and much better at restoring public health than any other tobacco substitute (patch, pills, etc.).

The state of play of e-cig regulations in Mauritius

As in Europe, Mauritius opens the eye to the health potential of the electronic cigarette since its democratization in the world. In parallel with the TPD, the country has adopted specific regulations governing the use of the vape and its accessories. In 2008, this law called Public Health highlighted a particular theme regarding the prohibition to sell in shops or online (facebook, sales sites) everything related to the device. This regulation strictly prohibits the purchase and not the practice of the vape. However, after a few years, the Minister of Health has put the ban issue on the carpet trying this time to extend the prohibition on the use of the e-cigarette, as what, penalties and fines will be applied to the vapers.

From this data, a Mauritian, a tourist or a simple visitor will have to make a cross on the e-cig as soon as it enters the territory of Mauritius. The latter will have to look for other products to meet their need for tobacco, which is not very promising given the statistics of success of the electronic cigarette as a weaning tool.

Petitions emerge from vapers

Of course, the vapoteurs present in Mauritius reacted quickly to dissuade the institutions of this position. The Mauritius Vape Community, a vaping association, took the initiative to launch a petition under the slogan “stop vape ban”. This organization repudiates the intention of the government while advocating the benefits that the vape brings to smokers.

A movement official claimed that e-cigs are an effective alternative to tobacco with 95% less risk compared to cigarettes. Other social and economic and social issues have been mentioned regarding tourism or public health, currently the petition vape has more than 200 signatures.

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